SuperMocio 3Action – Vileda’s best performing mop ever!

Vileda’s new SuperMocio has all the benefits you know and love but with added scrubbing power. It is ideal for rooms with stubborn dirt like bathrooms, kitchens and hallways.

Vileda are so confident you’ll love the new SuperMocio 3Action they’ll give you your money back if you don’t! Click here for details.

  • EXTRA POWER – A section of the mop head now has a unique texture, similar to a scouring pad, so you can now scrub away even the toughest dirt.
  • MICROFIBRE PLUS – The darker blue material is made from microfibre to remove those difficult marks. This also has the added benefit of Pick Up Pockets which is more absorbent than flat materials.
  • 3D STRUCTURE – The outer fluffy strips are made from Collectex, a material which is capable of collecting and trapping smaller crumbs and particles which have been left on the floor.

Change your mop head every three months – Regularly changing your mop head keeps it performing at its best, and vileda recomend changing it every three months. As well as changing your mop head, here are some other handy hints and tips to keep your mop performing at its best:-

  • Get faster drying floors – Use SuperMocio 3Action with the SuperMocio bucket & power wringer and your floors will dry 25% faster than with a normal bucket & wringer.
  • Don’t let your mop dry on the floor – Either clip it to the SuperMocio bucket or stand upside down to keep it in perfect working order.
  • A dirty mop means dirty floors – Keep your mop head clean by putting it in the washing machine (up to 60°) after every couple of uses.

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